Makrooh-E Tahreemee In Namaz (Must Read)

Playing with clothing and beard:

Issue: To play with clothes, beard or body or doing meaningless movements renders the namaz makrooh-e tahreemee.

(Bahar-E Shariat-III/165)

Adjusting Garments:

Issue: Namaz will be rendered makrooh-e tahreemee if clothes (sleeve, front or back flap of shirt etc) are drawn together or trousers lifted whilst going into Sajdah.

(Bahar-E Shariat-III/165)

Finger Cracking:

Issue: Crackle sound of finger cracking and criss-crossing the fingers of both hands during namaz is makrooh-e tahreemee.

(Durr-E Mukhtar, Bahar-E Shariat, Fatava Razaviyyah-I/205)

Placing Hand on Waist

Issue: It is makrooh-e tahreemee to place one hand or both hands on waist during namaz. However, hands should not be placed on waist even though one is not in namaz.

(Durr-E Mukhtar, Bahar-E Shariat)

Looking here and there:

Issue: It is makrooh-e tahreemee to turn face either entirely or partially to look here and there. It is makrooh-e tanzeehee to look on either side by rotating the eyeball without turning the direction of face with no undue authentic reason. In fact it is khilaf-e avla.

(Bahar-E Shariat-III/167, Fatava Razaviyyah-I-171)

Issue: It is makrooh-e tahreemee to look skywards by rotating the eyeball.

(Bahar-E Shariat-III/167)

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