When is Kaffara (Compensation) Also Required with Qadha?

When is Kaffara (Compensation) Also Required with Qadha?

If any Fast of Ramadhan is deliberately broken, then Kaffara is also required along with Qadha. The Kaffara here refers to Fasting continuously for sixty days and, if this is not possible (due to serious illness or genuine weakness), then one should feed sixty people twice. As mentioned, all the sixty Fasts should be in a consecutive order, without any gap. If one observes fifty-nine Fasts and misses one, then he should start all over again. But this rule does not apply to a woman who enters her menstruation cycle before completing the sixty days, as she is allowed to continue from where she stopped after she becomes pure.The conditions for Kaffara to become obligatory are:

If one breaks the Fast for the current Ramadhan (not for Qadha of previous Ramadhan).

The person in not a traveller.

The laws of Shari‘ah apply to him (he is not a child or insane, etc).

The intention for the Fast was made at night and not during the day.After breaking the Fast one should not encounter natural conditions where missing a Fast is permissible, such as menstruating, or becoming critically ill where Fast can be missed. In all such cases, Kaffara does not become obligatory. But, if such conditions where omitting the Fast is permissible is deliberately adopted, like travelling, then Kaffara becomes necessary.

If a person deliberately eats or drinks or engages himself in sexual intercourse, then in all these cases, Kaffara is necessary.

If a person commits some tasks where he thinks that the Fast is broken but in reality it has not, like applying surma or kissing his wife, and after that he deliberately eats or drink, then Kaffara is also necessary.

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