Which Actions Do Not Break Fasts

Which Actions Do Not Break Fasts

Lying, backbiting, swearing, talking nonsense, harassing people is disliked anyway, but even more so when we are Fasting. This makes our Fast Makrooh.

To kiss or to embrace one’s wife is Makrooh when there is threat of it leading to a sexual act.

One should be careful and not exaggerate when cleaning the mouth or nose in the state of Fasting. That is, one should never completely fill the mouth with water or gargle, as there is always a possibility of some water entering the throat.

To accumulate saliva in the mouth in order to swallow it is Makrooh.

To taste or chew something without a reason is Makrooh.  If it is necessary to taste it, then the substance should just be touched with the tongue to have a taste and then spat out. Nothing should enter the throat, otherwise the Fast will break. The same rule applies for chewing.

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