Ramadan: The month of Forgiveness!

Ramadan: The month of Forgiveness!

The month of Ramadan is the most beautiful time to rectify yourself to become better Muslims because in this whole month Allah Almighty has declared that the gates of his mercy are open for everyone of us to ask him forgiveness. His mercy is like abundant rain falling heavily on the believers, spraying them with divine light and blessings and washing away their sins!

Alhamdulillah! we learn in this beautiful month that the Holy Prophet use to urge his followers to ask forgiveness much in this blessed month as indicated in a part of hadith addressing the Companions before the commencement of Ramadan:

“And four things you should endeavour to perform in great number (in this month), two of which shall be to please your Lord and the other two shall be those without which you cannot make do.

The first two qualities are to bear witness that there is no God except Allah and to ask forgiveness. As for the other you cannot do without: Ask Allah for Paradise and seek refuge from Hellfire.”


There is also a special prayer invoked that was the Prophetic sunnah and should be read throughout Ramadan especially on Laylatul Qadr:


“O Lord! You indeed are the forgiver and the you love forgiveness, so forgive me.”  


Please try to learn this dua (supplication) off my heart and make it a routine to recite it often in this blessed month.

Oh Allah! Forgive us!

Oh Allah! Forgive our parents!

Oh Allah! Forgive our family and friends!

Oh Allah! Forgive all the Muslim Ummah!

Oh Allah! Forgive all  those believers who have gone ahead of us!
Oh Allah! Grant us your Mercy!

Oh Allah! Grant Mercy on the sick, oppressed, helpless, poor and needy!

Oh Allah! Shower us all with the choicest blessings and mercy of Ramadan!



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  1. tabzy says:

    mashaallah very nyc and i hope hu eva reads it allh accepts it ameen

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