Method of Performing Eid Namaaz

Method of Performing Eid Namaaz

1.  Make your Niyyat
2. After making your Niyyat follow the Imam by raising your hands upto your ears and reading Takbeer-e-Tahreema and then fold the hands below the navel
3. Thana will then be recited and thereafter the Imam will read three extra Takbeers. The Muqtadees at each Takbeer follow the Imam by raising their hands to the ears reciting ‘Allahu Akhbar’ and then dropping their hands to their sides
4.  At the call of the third Takbeer, the hands will be folded. The Rakaat will then be completed as normal
5.  In the second Rakaat after Surah Fateha and Qirat, the Imam will call out three extra Takbeers, and at the call of   the fourth Takbeer all will go into Ruku and complete the rest of the Namaaz as usual
6.  After the Namaaz, the Imam will give two Khutbahs in Arabic
7.  After the Khutbahs, a talk will be given to highlight important issues facing the Muslims and pertinent aspects of  the particular Eid.
8.  At the end of the talk Salat-o-Salaam will be sent upon the Beloved Prophet Salla Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam. To recite the Salat-o-Salaam collectively while standing is a means of obtaining Mercy and Blessings of Allah Almighty.
9.  Then the Imam will make the final du’a for the general well being of the Muslim Ummah.
10. It is Mustahab to hug and shake hands with fellow Muslim bretheren.

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6 Responses to Method of Performing Eid Namaaz

  1. sajeda says:


  2. misbah says:

    jazalkillah! after many visited sites i found how to pray eid namaz . i was confused about when to say the 3 takbeers. jazakillah! May Allah accept all your prayers!

  3. Baber Baig says:

    Thank you may ALLAH give you reward for this .

  4. shah says:


  5. Salim Obaid says:

    Well, Thanks Alot, for adding it, i knew but i was just a little bit confused too abt the three takbeers

    with thanks and allah may bless you all the time

  6. F. Aasman says:

    Maasha Allah.
    May Allah reward you with all goodness.

    Still I have 1 question: in the second rakaat there are first 3 takbeers. What should one do with the hands then? Should we fold it below the navel (each time) or drop it to the side?

    Thanx again,

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