Namaaz of the two Eids

Namaaz of the two Eids 

The two Rakaats of Eidain are Wajib on every sane and mature Muslim who is healthy and resides in a town or city. Eid and Jum’ah Prayers are not permissable in very small villages. However big villages which have the status of a town in terms of Islamic Law would be regarded as suitable places for these prayers. The conditions for the validity of Jum’ah and Eid Prayers are similar, but with some minor differences. While the Khutbah for Jum’ah Namaaz is compulsory (fard) the Khutbah for Eid Namaaz is Sunnat. The Khutbahs for Jum’ah Prayer are recited before the Namaaz while for Eid the Khutbahs are given after the Namaaz. If any person did not recite the Khutbah  after the Eid Namaaz or he recited it before the Namaaz, the Namaaz itself will be valid but such a person will be a sinner

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