The Blessed Names of the Month of Ramadan

The Blessed Names of the Month of Ramadan

Name & Meaning :

Shahru Ramadan – The month of Ramadan

Shahr ul Bishara – The month of Glad Tidings

Shahr ul Burhan – The month of the Proof

Shahr ul Ghufran – The month of Forgiveness

Shahr ul Ibada – The month of the Worship of Allah

Shahr ul Ihsan – The month of Goodness

Shahr ul iman – The month of True Faith

Shahru Laylatil Qadr – The month of the Blessed Night of Power for night-long worship

Shahr ul Mahamid – The month of the Praises of Allah

Shahr ul Masabih – The month of Luminous Lamps

Shahr ul Masajid – The month of the Mosques

Shahru Nabiyyuna Muhammad alayhis salatu was salam – The month of our Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him

Shahr ul Qiyam – The month of Standing-up for Prayer

Shahr ul Quran – The month of the Quran, when it was first revealed

Shahr us Saada – The month of Happiness, the month of Salvation

Shahr ush Shahada- The month of Witnessing

Shahr us Siyam – The month of Fasting

Shahr ut Tahara The month of Purification, of body, heart and soul

Shahr ut Tarawih – The month of Tarawih prayers

Shahr ut Tawba – The month of Repentance

Shahr uz Ziyada – The month of Increase (in Allah’s Blessings)


Source: Tawdi Shahru Ramadan (Farewell to the Month of Ramadan), a qasida (poem) in Tabaraka Dhul Ula (Blessed is He, The Exalted), by Hujjat ud Din Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz al-Waraq

Note: Various other attributive names of the month of Ramadan can be found in many other kutub (books).


O Allah! Give us good health to fast the whole month of Ramadan, protect us from evil, bestow peace on all the Muslims in the whole world, accept our worship and make the month of Ramadan a means of our salvation and a means by which non-Muslims accept Islam.


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