Why is the month of Ramadan called Ramadan?

Why is the month of Ramadan called Ramadan?  

There are various narrations concerning the name, but some scholars have stated that the word Ramadan could be from the word ‘Ramada’ which refers to the spring rains, which causes the earth to be cleansed and well soaked, so that a healthy crop is achieved after the rains. Thus, the scholars have mentioned, that the rains of mercy and blessing in the month of Ramadan cause the heart to be cleansed and filled with light and blessings. This in turn prompts a person to become more pious, thus reaping the benefits of the Rains of Mercy. Whichever way one looks at Ramadan, it is definitely a month of Mercy and blessings.

Ramadan is also known by other names, such as The Month of Sabr (Patience), The Month of Good and The Month of Increase in Sustenance? Ramadan is referred to as the month of patience, because in Ramadan we keep fast and show much patience in doing so, by abstaining from even that which is halaal, during the duration of the fast. It is thus known as the Month of Patience. It is known as the Month of Good, because it is in this month that Muslims are usually more Allah fearing and give generously for the pleasure of Almighty Allah.

It is known as the Month of Increase in Sustenance, because it is in the Month of Ramadan, that sustenance can be found in abundance, so much so, that even the poor and downtrodden attain the blessings of this month through increase in their sustenance.

The Most Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa Mujtaba Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam said, There are eight doors in Jannat. One of the Doors is known as Raiyyaan and only those who keep fast will enter through it.

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