As Salaamualaikum and a happy Islamic new year! 

Just a quick message of wishful duas and blessings from Us for the new Islamic

month… Muharram Sharif May Allah Almighty bring the new year as a Blessing,

Rehmah, Success, Good health, Prosperity and most importantly Good Imaan

for us…May we learn, appreciate and try to follow what past Muslim Ummah

has done to preserve and spread Islam to reach us as it is today…especially the

event of Karb-balah (which was in this month) where Imam Hussain Radiyallahu

Anhu proved to all Muslims (upto the day of judgement) how much sacrifice we

may need to give of our wealth, family and everything we have to fight

against all odds to preserve Islam so that it is spread correctly to the future

generations. …may Allah give us the ability, capability and strength to

propagate at least what we know; so that we too can follow the Sunnah of the

Prophet ( Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ) and Sahabah-e-Ikram (Radiyallahu Anhum )

and all the past Muslim Ummah who have helped to spread Islam to us…Ameen.

May the coming year be a chance for us as an Ummah to unite and be strong

like we were at the Sahabah’s time and try to understand that any difficulty or

happiness we get is all from Allah, we should thank Him for the best Blessing

that He has bestowed upon us (even though we are not deserving) which is

that he has made us in the ummah of the Greatest Creation, Greatest Prophet

and Greatest Leader-Prophet Mohamed ( Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ) and

whatever happens we should fight against all odds to keep this faith strong not

only for us but to make sure that the future generations of Muslims receive a

decent and pure understanding of Islam through us.

Take care and remember us and all the Muslim Ummah in your duas’.

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