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Raf ul Yad’ain

Raf ul Yad’ain Raf’ay-yadayn simply means to raise the hands during prayer. When people begin their salat, they raise their hands to signify that they have left all things and submitted themselves towards Allah alone. This also signifies the individual’s … Continue reading

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PRAYER (NAMAZ) The foundation of Islam is on five things. To testify that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah Ta’ala and that Muhammad sallalaho alaihe wasallam is His Prophet, to establish prayer, fast in the month of … Continue reading

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Salaat ul Tasbeeh

Salaat ul Tasbeeh Benefits of Salat-Ul-Tasbih Our Master Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alihiwassallam) said to his uncle (father’s brother) Sayyiduna Abbass (may Allah be pleased with him) Oh uncle shall I not give you Shall I not grant you Shall I … Continue reading

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How to perform Qaza Namaz of life time easily

Method of praying Qaza Salahs Quickly If someone have missed Salahs in their account. Either one time’s or of many years, they must pray their Qaza as soon as possible. Salah is a Fard and not forgiven. On the day … Continue reading

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Makrooh-E Tahreemee In Namaz (Must Read)

Playing with clothing and beard: Issue: To play with clothes, beard or body or doing meaningless movements renders the namaz makrooh-e tahreemee. (Bahar-E Shariat-III/165) Adjusting Garments: Issue: Namaz will be rendered makrooh-e tahreemee if clothes (sleeve, front or back flap … Continue reading

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WARNING FOR MISSING PRAYERS (NAMAZ)                                                                                                                                      The Holy Qur’an says, “Then woe to those prayer performers. Who are heedless of their prayers (Part 30, Surah Ma-oon, verse 4-5) My Beloved Prophet sallalaho alaihe wasallam’s beloved devotees! … Continue reading

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Introduction                                                                                                                       Namaz is the mother of all worship. The acceptance of all worship is dependent on namaz. Namaz is a pillar of our religion. Whoever establishes namaz has established the religion, and he who forsakes namaz … Continue reading

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